MCH Primary Care

Our trusted providers will guide every member of your family – from newborns to seniors – each step of the way. When you choose an MCH Primary Care provider, it’s the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. One of the benefits of having a primary care provider is the continuity of care you receive when you’re sick and when you’re well. By visiting MCH Primary Care even when you’re healthy, your provider can catch any potential issues early.

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MCH Primary Care Cardinal Center
P: (419) 253.0585
73 Sportsman’s Drive
Marengo, Ohio 43334

MCH Primary Care Cardington
P: (419) 864.4440
116 East Main Street
Cardington, Ohio 43315

MCH Primary Care Mt. Gilead
P: (419) 946.7746
900 Meadow Drive, Suite A
Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338

MCH Primary Care Northfield
P: (419) 362.6033
6519 US Hwy 42
Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338


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