Sleep Lab

Contact: Leslie A. Dye, RRT, RPSGT, Manager
(419) 949.3014
Scheduling: (419) 949.3018
Office Hours: Monday-Friday – 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Morrow County Hospital Sleep Lab offers complete sleep testing close to home in a home-like atmosphere. The Sleep Lab’s dedicated staff will work with you to schedule and perform your sleep study. Our staff can answer any questions you may have and will provide follow up as long as you need.

Morrow County Hospital’s Sleep Lab provides:

  • Diagnostic In-Lab Sleep Study
  • Diagnostic Home Sleep Study
  • CPAP Titration Studies
  • Split-Night Sleep Study
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Test

What to Expect for a Sleep Study

Patients participating in a sleep study at Morrow County Hospital are scheduled normally at 8:30 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. but we are flexible with times. There are televisions in each room and patients may also bring a book or magazine to read.

Patients should enter the hospital through the Emergency Department. Patients meet with a sleep technician who explains the sleep study procedure and prepares the patient for the sleep study by attaching monitoring equipment to the head, legs, chest and abdomen and under the nose. These electrodes monitor brain wave and muscle activity, heart rate and eye movements during session.

Patients should experience no pain or discomfort during or after the sleep study, or from the special glue used to attach the electrodes. Sleeping securely in a private room, patients are carefully monitored throughout the night with special medical equipment. A sleep technician is always close by to answer any questions or provide needed assistance. Once the sleep study is completed, the patient is awakened by the sleep technician who removes the electrodes.

The sleep study will then be scored by a registered sleep technologist and forwarded to the sleep specialist for interpretation. We will contact you with all results. These results will be sent to the ordering physician and if further tested is needed, the Sleep Lab will call to schedule further consultations.

Our Sleep Experts

Shah, Hiten G., MDHiten G. Shah, MD

Sunil Vaidya, MD, FCCPSunil Vaidya, MD, FCCP

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