Emergency Services

Contact: Bret Ruhe, Manager
(419) 949.3071
Hours: 24 hour / 7 days

Morrow County Hospital Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with physicians and nurses who are specially trained to respond to medical emergencies and potentially life-threatening situations.

Our emergency services are designed to meet all medical and surgical emergencies that may arise. EMS personnel are able to communicate with our physicians and hospital staff prior to your actual arrival.

Points to remember in and before an emergency arises:

  • Contact your physician first, if at all possible.
  • Know what allergies you have.
  • If you think someone has been poisoned, contact the Poison Control Center.
  • Know what medications you are currently taking. There are cards available in the Emergency Department to list your medications.
  • For parents – if you are planning to be out of town, the Emergency Department has a consent-for-treatment form that you can fill out to leave with the person caring for your child. The information on this form will be helpful to the emergency room staff, in case your child needs emergency treatment in your absence.