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Growing Our Philanthropic Relationships
We believe that exceptional care happens everyday thanks to our team of professionals who keep our mission at the core of our business, improving the health of those we serve. The act of giving is at the foundation of everything we do at Morrow County Hospital. Philanthropy makes it possible for Morrow County Hospital to address the health and wellness needs of our patients, families and the community we serve.

We focus our philanthropic relationships in three key areas to make meaningful improvements to the care we provide in Morrow County and the surrounding communities.

Technology Upgrades
We support the use of new innovations, not only to provide the latest in medical equipment, but because it provides ways to better care for our patients and improve our patients’ experiences in ways both big and small.

Community Outreach
We embrace outreach efforts that carry our knowledge beyond the hospital walls and into our community; and to empower residents to achieve their healthiest lives. We look for meaningful ways to connect and support our community.

Facilities Enhancements
We’re committed to keeping our facilities up-to-date and efficient at all times. Because when our hospital is conducive to comfort and healing, our patients feel better faster, families are more at east and our associates focus on doing what they do best … caring for patients.

Opportunities For Giving

Gift income plays an increasingly important role in making Morrow County Hospital’s mission “to improve the health of those we serve” possible. Your gift will benefit vital programs to meet needs in quality care, medical equipment, funding for new projects, and more. All gifts to Morrow County Hospital are tax deductible.

Morrow County Hospital Foundation was established in 1989 to support Morrow County Hospital in its mission to provide quality healthcare to Morrow County residents and surrounding communities. Morrow County Hospital Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) corporation whose sole purpose is to support Morrow County Hospital.

To learn more, please click here to review the FAQ, or call us today to discuss your donation.

Morrow County Hospital Foundation
Michael Hyek, PhD, President & CEO, Morrow County Hospital