Patient Rights and Privacy

As a patient, you have a number of rights and responsibilities related to your care and treatment. In the case of child and adolescent patients – or those unable to make competent decisions – these policies apply to the responsible party. A complete listing of Patient Rights and Responsibilities is available upon request. View the list of Rights and Responsibilities.

For more information, please download our Patient and Visitor Guide.

Privacy Policy

This Notice of Privacy Practices applies to Morrow County Hospital (“the Hospital”) operating as a community of health professionals. These professionals include the staff of the Hospital, Medical Specialty Center, and the physicians who practice here and their staff.

Our healthcare providers work together to provide the best care to our patients. As allowed by law, and only if needed, health information is shared to provide the best treatment, arrange for payment and improve how we provide care in the future. The purpose of this notice is to tell you how we share your information and how you can find out more about our information sharing practices.

View our current Notice of Privacy Practices brochure.

Speak Up

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