New Service! Lymphedema Therapy at Morrow County Hospital

Morrow County Hospital Rehab Services is now offering lymphedema therapy for patients with fluid and swelling in their limbs. Patients of all ages can be diagnosed with lymphedema and can benefit from this therapy.

Lymphedema therapy is offered Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Morrow County Hospital Rehab Services by a licensed occupational therapist or therapy assistant.

Lymphedema is a collection of fluid in the interstitial tissue causing swelling. This typically occurs in the arm(s) or leg(s) and sometimes other body parts. Lymphedema is not limited to people who have had surgery or even cancer.

Common patients who may develop lymphedema include post-op total knee patients, patients who’ve had lymph node removal or dissection, and those with poor circulation and poor mobility.

A physician referral is required for lymphedema therapy. However, patients may also call Rehab Services directly at (419) 949.3086 and ask if they may be a candidate. If they are, Rehab Services can contact their provider.

Morrow County Hospital Rehab Services offers comprehensive rehabilitation, including physical, occupational and speech therapies, for those who need to restore function after an illness or injury. Our licensed therapists develop a plan of care to help patients return to their daily routine. If you think you may benefit from one of these therapies, please call (419) 949.3086.