Hospitalist Services

Contact: (740) 383.8473

The hospitalist service provides onsite inpatient care. The providers are specially trained to care for hospitalized patients. We are committed to providing high-quality inpatient care, exceptional patient education and active participation in hospital performance improvement projects.

The hospitalist service is provided by Access Medical Group, a hospital-based physician group headquartered in Westerville, Ohio. Our physicians are board-certified/eligible in internal medicine.

What is a Hospitalist?

The Hospitalist Medicine program is an innovative service offered by a team of physician specialists, knowns as hospitalists. These doctors staff the hospital to monitor your condition, maintain continuity of care and to ensure quality treatment.

Your primary care doctor has entrusted our hospitalists to provide you the best possible medical care during your hospital stay. Depending on the length of your hospitalization, you may be cared for by one or several of our hospital-based medicine specialists. Upon discharge, your medical care will be turned back over to your primary care physician who will receive a clinical report of your hospitalization from us.

Advantages to having a Hospitalist

  • You are seen daily by a physician who knows the ins and outs of hospital protocols and how to manage your care in a hospital setting.
  • If your condition changes or additional needs arise, the doctor can be reached quickly to change your treatment plan.
  • The nurses taking care of you have immediate access to your hospitalist eliminating the need to wait for an on-call physician.

How is my care in the hospital handled?

  • One of our hospitalists will be responsible for your care during your hospital stay.
  • Hospitalists will be available to answer any questions you and your family might have about your medical condition.
  • We try to ensure continuity with one hospitalist seeing you every day except for weekends and holidays when there will be a covering hospitalist to address your medical needs.

What happens when I leave the hospital?

  • When you are discharged from the hospital, the hospitalist who admitted you will send detailed records to your primary care physician describing your hospitalization and further treatment needs or follow-ups.

The hospitalist also will provide you with any needed prescriptions when you leave the hospital and arrange for you to see your primary care doctor.