Swing Bed Program

Contact: Pepper Swartzentruber
(419) 949.3021
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What is a swing bed?

A swing bed is a concept developed by the Health Care Financing Administration in the 1970s to help with underutilized hospital beds to help address a lack of nursing home skilled care beds in rural areas. Swing beds allow patients who need additional short-term rehabilitation care beyond their acute hospital stay to remain in the hospital under a different care category until they are well enough to return home. Patients “swing” from acute hospital care to rehabilitation and skilled nursing care without leaving the hospital. If a patient has been hospitalized in a facility away from home and needs additional skilled care, a swing bed program allows the person to transfer to their community-based hospital to complete their recovery. Morrow County Hospital is proud to offer this service in our community.

What are the advantages of a swing bed program?

If you are already a patient of Morrow County Hospital and you need additional rehabilitation care beyond your hospital stay, you will be receiving care and services from the same staff you have come to know. Swing beds allow you to remain in the hospital for short-term follow-up rehabilitation care. You remain on the same nursing unit and receive skilled care, but the services are billed differently. The swing bed program ensures that you have a plan for continuing care after you leave the hospital that promotes your highest level of functioning.

Our goal is to help you return to your home independently or with the support of other community resources, such as home care or outpatient therapy.

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If you have questions, about the Morrow County Hospital swing bed program, please contact:

Social Services
(419) 949.3106

Patient Accounts Manager
(419) 949.3095